This school closed in 2009 with regret

Parish’s Name 

  • St Thomas More, Werris Creek.

School established 

  • 1915 (School and church shared the same building 1915-1971)

Principals and enrolled number of students

YearPrincipalFeb EnrolmentAug EnrolmentOct Enrolment
1985- Mrs Margaret Parkinson   
1986-1987 Mr Ian McMahon (died in 1987)   
1987-1994Mr Peter Matthews   
1995-1999Mrs Chris Cameron   
2000- 2006Ms Michelle Renshaw 

Aug 2003- 25

Aug 2005 – 21

2007 -2007Mrs Belinda Eykamp (Teacher-in-Charge)Feb 2007 – 22       
2008 –Mrs Jayne Betts 

Feb 2008 – 15

Feb 2009 – 12


History of School

The following excerpts taken from “Celebrations – Werris Creek” Parish-School Anniversary Magazine – 1996


… The Sisters of St Joseph arrived in 1915 and a Convent was built in the north western corner of the church grounds (the present presbytery). The Sisters commenced a school in the church building and all classes were held in the one room. On a Friday afternoon the children reversed their desks to become pews for Sunday’s Mass. On Monday morning the desks were changed back again.



In 1926 a Sanctuary was constructed at the southern end of the church and in 1930 a new Presbytery was built. In later years the presbytery became the Convent and is now the residence of the School Principal.



In 1956 the school classrooms and the tuck shop were erected on the northern end of the church along with the verandah allowing the church to be separated from the school. Father Brennan called for volunteers to cart loads of gravel to form a roadway in front of the school. Much of the cement work, kerbing and steps leading to the convent was carried out by a Mr Bert Brown who was assisted by volunteers.

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