STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are fundamental to the future of Australia. They provide the enabling skills and knowledge that increasingly underpin many professions and the skills of a technologically based workforce1.  A recent report from the Australian Government’s Chief Scientist2 stated

    ’75 per cent of the fastest growing occupations now require STEM skills and knowledge.’

We need to prepare our students to participate in our ever changing world and STEM skills and knowledge will equip them for this.  Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Armidale are embracing the STEM revolution. The introduction of the iSTEM course as an elective in Stage 5 is progressing across our schools and students are encouraged to select subjects that develop their literacy in the STEM area. In the Primary schools, STEM is being incorporated into the inquiry model of learning about Science and Technology.Students have the opportunity to participate in many STEM related competitions including the Science and Engineering Challenge, Maths Enrichment days and many school based initiatives.


  1. ‘iSTEM Syllabus’ NSW BOSTES Endorsed Course
  2. ‘Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics:  Australia’s Future’  Australian Government Chief Scientist

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