Incentives and Support


Relocation Subsidy *

The CSO will provide a relocation subsidy of up to $3,000 for teaching positions, which require the successful applicant to geographically relocate. 

  • 0 – 100 km (geographical distance from the current place of residence to the school): no assistance 
  • 101 – 500 km (geographical distance from the current place of residence to the school): $1,500
  • 501 km or more (geographical distance from the current place of residence to the school): $3,000

The Relocation Subsidy is also payable, as per above, on transfers within the Armidale Diocese. 

Please note that recipients of the Diocese of Armidale Teacher Education Scholarships are not covered under the Relocation Subsidy.

*Conditions apply. 

Special Geographic Allowance * 

Teachers in Mungindi and Walgett will receive the Special Geographic Allowance of $3,283 gross per annum ($125.92 gross per fortnight) (pro-rata for part-time), as per the Enterprise Agreement, as amended or replaced. 

*The above incentives do not apply to Principal or CSO positions. 


Support for Early Career Teachers 

The Catholic Schools Office Diocese of Armidale provides support for Early Career Teachers (ECT) by providing:

  • ECT attends Accreditation Workshops and Well-being Professional Development (this is funded by CSO)
  • Assigned an early career coach who will support with the following;
    – Supporting, inducting and coaching pre-service teachers and ECTs using the Non-negotiables, the System Foundations documents, the Data Ecosystem and the Living Well, Learning Well framework.
    – Regular observations and feedback based on professional learning goals, using the impact cycle.
    – Assistance with starting the Accreditation process, introducing the process, collection of evidence and annotating evidence.
    – Using the Proficient Teacher Australian Professional Standards to develop and assist ECTs with setting professional goals and co-constructing strategies to assist with development and growth towards goals.
    – Co-planning, co-teaching and co-debriefing with the ECT. Modelling exemplary practice in the classroom.
    – Visiting ECTs and conducting regular well-being check-ins and providing emotional support. 
  • The ECT will still be allocated an in school supervisor who will mentor and co-construct the supervisors report with the ECT coach and co-observe for the official observation.

1st Year Teachers:

  • 1st-year teachers: 2 hours a fortnight or converted to 10 days for the year (based on pro-rata) (2 periods for secondary). 

Second Year Teachers (or those still working towards proficiency):

  • 1 hour a fortnight or converted to 4 days for the year (based on pro-rata)

Support for Further Study

To support the study needs of all permanent and temporary school and system staff, the CSO offers Financial Support for Formal Study by way of reimbursement (up to 50% of course or unit fees) for those who are studying to meet Religious Education and Leadership requirements as outlined in the Diocesan Religious Education Accreditation Framework, general curriculum and relation education areas. The CSO will also provide support for non-teaching staff in study related to their role in supporting the work of schools.

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