Cultural and Sporting Activities

Our schools provide the opportunity for all students to participate in diverse cultural activities such as Catholic Schools Celebrate. This a biennial production that celebrates the cultural and artistic talents of staff and students from our smallest schools to our largest schools.

This is similar to Schools Spectacular in other regions. It has been officially recognised for its contribution to education and the community with two major awards.  The first is the prestigious H.T.B. Harris Award presented by the Australian College of Educators in 2007 and the second is the Diocese of Armidale Spirit of Catholic Education Award for Innovative Program in 2013. The production was also worthy of mention in NSW State Parliament on 21st August 2013 by our local Member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson who drew attention to the success of the evening and his support of the event.

These events allow our students to shine in performing arts and embody the true spirit of a Catholic Professional Learning Community.

Participation of all students enrolled in our Catholic schools is strongly promoted as we believe involvement in physical activity promotes; health, fitness and social connectedness. These are attitudes and skills for life. Students are given opportunities to become involved in a wide range of sporting activities; at the local school level, diocesan level and Inter-diocesan level. Our students compete for places in the Polding Team. Students with exceptional sporting ability have a clear pathway to state and national representation in their respective sporting fields. Student achievement is recognised through an agreed award system.

Families and school staff work hand in hand to ensure that the Sporting Code of Conduct is up held.

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