Religious Education

In the Diocese of Armidale Religious Education is the heartbeat of who we are as an education system. The embedding of Core Catholic Principles and Values is explicit in Religious Education learning and teaching activities, as it is in all other KLAs.

Religious Education reveals and deepens students’ knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures and of our Catholic Faith Story and Traditions. The development of comprehensive religious literacy enables students to enter more fully into the life of the Church.

Students are invited to respond in action to their learnings and be conscientious and caring citizens, who make positive contributions to our local and global communities. Celebration is an important aspect of Religious Education and the sacraments, prayer and liturgy are integral to the faith life of our school communities.

The Religious Education Curricula implemented in schools in the Diocese of Armidale is;

The Religious Education Curriculum K-12 is supported by the To Know Worship and Love series of textbooks.

In K-2 the Storytelling process is central to developing students’ foundational understanding of the Scriptures, Liturgy and Traditions of the Church.

The pedagogical approach to teaching Religious Education in schools across the Diocese of Armidale is founded in the Emmaus Story (Luke 24:13-35), a post-Easter story where two of Jesus’ disciples encounter the risen Christ on the road to Emmaus.

Four stages are identified in the two disciples’ journey and these four stages are reflected in the learning and teaching activities.

  • Making Sense – of life experiences,
  • Gaining Access – through Scriptures and Church teachings,
  • Celebrating – the life of the risen Christ and
  • Responding – to God in their lives. Students are led to understand their own life experiences within a Catholic context.

A contemporary and meaningful understanding of the Scriptures and of our Catholic traditions, invites our students to respond to everyday life situations from a Christian perspective and celebrate God’s love.

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