Parish’s Name:    

  St Joseph’s         


  St Mary’s, Bingara


Churches in Parish:

  • Bingara: St Joseph’s and St Mary’s
  • Delungra: St Patrick’s

Church’s Address:

  • 10 Riddell Street

Parish established:

1886 Bingara included Warialda, Barraba, Manilla, Moree and Delungra

Priests in the Parish:

Year Priest Year Priest
1882-1884   Fr Salvador 1884-1887 Fr F Kavanagh
1886 Fr P Kelly 1887-1889 Fr J Guerrini
1889-1890 Fr R Dunham 1890-1891 Fr P Lynch
1891-1893 Fr John Paul 1894  Fr J Kelly
1895  Fr M O’Sullivan 1895-1897  Fr P Long
1897 Fr J Byrne 1898-1899 Fr P Riordan
1899-1907 Fr J Clancy 1907-1922 Fr J Collender
1922-1924 Fr T Stephenson 1924-1925  Fr S Burchell
1925-1930 Fr P Walsh 1930-1931  Fr B O’Brien
1931-1948 Fr P Walsh 1949-1952 Fr J P O’Connor
1952-1953 Fr T Leahy 1953-1957 Fr J Maron
1958-1967 Fr E Rohan 1967-1975 Fr B Melville
1975-1977 Fr B Ryan 1978    Fr R McKervey
1979-1982  Fr A Castelli 1982-1998   Fr Tom Shanahan
1998-2000  Fr Ron Perrett (Acting Administrator) 2000   Fr Castelli (Barraba)

History of Parish When Bingara first became a Parish (whether when the first Church was dedicated in 1872 or when the first Priest, Fr Salvador arrived in 1882) it was the largest Parish in the Diocese. It included Manilla, Barraba, Horton, Warialda, Gravesend, Yetman, Coolatia, Wallangra, Gramen, Boggabilla, Mungindi and Moree (ORDO 1886). In 1887 Bishop Torreggiani spoke of Bingara as a Parish of 200 x 50 miles. Moree became a parish in 1889 and presumably took with it Mungindi and Boggabilla.

The first Convent that the Sisters lived in, 1902, was situated at the back of the building that served until December 1979, as the Presbytery. The building situated beside the school, now in 1980 being used as a Presbytery, was built on the site of the second Convent. During its construction the Sisters lived in a rented cottage close to the Gwydir River.

Delungra has always been a part of the Bingara parish since its growth as a town after the railway opened there in 1901. For many years the Sisters travelled out with the Priest on Sunday and instructed the children after Mass, in the fundamentals of their Faith, and prepared them for the reception of the Sacraments. An excerpt from the “A history of St Mary’s Parish Bingara 1882-1982 Catholic Centenary Celebrations 24-29 August, 1982”

Bingara Book

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