Religious Communities

Parish’ Name:

  • Sacred Heart, Boggabri

Religious Communities throughout the Parish’ history: 

  • 1911 – Sisters of St Joseph

The Sisters of Saint Joseph

In I910, Fr James Walsh had a convent built in Boggabri and the Sisters took up residence in 1911. The first community was Sister Callistus, Superior, Sr Ineen (Music), Sr Pius. These good sisters remained until 1916, when the community listed was: Sister Aquinas, Superior, Sr Pius, Sr Raphael (Music). Until 1918, the sisters conducted school in the old church and some can recall an old weather shed that was near the church.

Fr Daniel Keane was made Parish Priest of Gunnedah in 1918 and in that year built a new school, which occupied the site of the present structure until 1965, when another new building was blessed and opened by Bishop E.J. Doody on 7 th February, 1965. Fr J.G. Maron was the Parish Priest of Boggabri. The new administration block was added in I985 and blessed by Bishop H.J. Kennedy in August with Mr T Egan as the architect and Ruzlok Investments as builders. Mr J Power was the principal and the school cost £I7,370.00.

The sisters resided in the old convent until 1984 when Sister Patricia Clare and Sister Roseanne took up residence in the new building, which was built by Mr T.O’Sullivan and designed by Mr Terence Egan. Later that year the building was blessed by Bishop H.J. Kennedy of Armidale.

The old convent was not demolished but has been used as the St Vincent de Paul Centre, Music Rooms, Duplicating Room, Class Room and Tuck Shop.

In I911, the Sisters and community were able to enjoy a weekly mass as Fr John McDermott was the third priest in Gunnedah. Other priest to visit Boggabri until 1924 were Fathers Patrick Dunne, Stephen O’Brien, T. Stephenson and C. Dunleavy.

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