Parish’s Name:

St Francis Xavier’s, Narrabri

School established:

1882                Nandewar St – current site

1897                Nandewar St – opposite to current site

1975                Nandewar St – current site (opened 1/2/1976)

Principals and enrolled number of students:

YearPrincipalFeb EnrolmentAug EnrolmentOct Enrolment
1982  270  
1992Maria Harres rsj   
1993-1996Johanna O’Sullivan rsj   
1997- 2001Jenny Scally rsj   
2002 – 2004Tony Hunter  Aug 2003 -284 
2005 – Andrew Pinelli  

Feb 2007 – 309  

Feb 2008 –  307

Feb 2009 – 286

Aug 2005 – 298 

History of School

 In 1882, the first school was established under the direction of the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart. The school opened with an enrolment of 35 pupils.

In 1889, the Sisters of Mercy came to Narrabri and took over the administration of the school. The school enrolment at this times was 100. The Sisters of Mercy were to remain in the school for 81 years.

In 1897, a new school was established on the block of land opposite to where the present school is situated. All the primary classes were taught in this new school, while the old school (situated where our present school is) became a select school for Senior pupils.

In 1933, the school enrolment was 270 pupils including both primary and secondary students.

In 1970, the Sisters of St Joseph returned to Narrabri. In 1975, the present school was erected and was blessed by Bishop H J Kennedy and opened by Hon J L Carrick, Minister for Education on 1st February, 1976.

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