Parish’s Name 

  • St Andrew’s, Wee Waa.

School established

  • First school – 1910                
  • Current school – 30/4/1972      

Principals and enrolled number of students

Year Principal Feb Enrolment Aug Enrolment Oct Enrolment
1988-1990 Flo Snell      
1991 Danny O’Neil      
1992-1996 Andrew Madden      
1997-1999       Jake Madden      
2000-2001 Ms Elizabeth Latham      
2002-2004  Andrew Pinelli    Aug 2003 –  124  
2005- 2007  Robert Lewis Feb 2007 – 94

Aug 2005-  101

2008-  Katie Hanes

Feb 2008 – 75

Feb 2009 – 80


History of School

Excerpt from “St Andrew’s Parish, Wee Waa – Centenary Celebration – 12th June, 1994.

Also found in the school Information Booklet.

The first classes were held in the original church, situated between the present church and presbytery. On 2 May, 1909, whilst Bishop O’Connor was visiting the parish, tenders were called for the erection of a school. The school was opened in 1910. Bishop O’Connor officially blessed both the new convent and school in May 1911. In 1916 there were 12 boarders, 112 pupils, 30 music pupils and 4 sisters. 

In 1969, after Fr Foley initiated plans for building the new school, new Parish Priest, Fr Stan Campbell set the wheels in motion. A committee of five was formed and was supported by the parishioners. The committee members each donated one hundred acres of wheat to begin the money raising campaign, and other parishioners then came forward with whatever support they were able to give. Bishop Henry Kennedy, on his first official visitation as Bishop of Armidale, blessed and opened the new St Joseph’s School on 30 April 1972.

The old school building was transformed into a Parish Centre with kitchen facilities constructed by a parishioner and carpet tiles laid throughout, and many hands renovating and painting, inside and out.

In 1990 the involvement of the Sisters of St Joseph in the school ceased, ending 80 years of service. The first lay principal came in 1991, although the school had been staffed predominantly by lay teachers for a good many years.

In 1992 St Joseph’s School was given a generous Government Grant on over $300,000.00 for the construction of much needed extensions.

October 1993 say the appointment of Fr Ted Wilkes and in 1994, on Mary 19, Bishop Kevin Manning opened and blessed the new extensions. Our present Parish Priests is Fr Ron Perrett.

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